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While I can’t fix my daughter’s pain – which hurts as a father - I can continue to work so other kids and adults never experience their heartache and mine.  It’s important to me that my daughters are not just two more statistics – two more kids of divorce.  It’s important our suffering is used to help others.  That’s my mission in life.

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Get An Education!

Get An Education!

How often do you recall your parents telling you to finish your homework when you were a child? Despite pledging never to become like them, if you already have children of your own, you’ve probably heard yourself repeat the same words.

After all, we know that a high school graduate is better prepared to succeed than a dropout.  Likewise, college graduates usually have more opportunities than high school ones, especially in today’s economy.

Education is the key to success in all areas of life, even when it comes to having children.  Think about it.  The doctor who delivers your baby requires a medical degree and subsequent on-the-job training.  The nurse who assists needs an education and training to do his/her job effectively.  Many couples take a Lamaze-type class to learn the skills necessary to perform their part of the birthing process, too.

But when it comes to the two most important jobs of all -- spouse and parent -- no prior education whatsoever is required.  It even takes more to get a driver’s license to drive a baby home from the hospital than it does to have the baby in the first place.  More to get the contractor’s license to build the home the baby will live in, too.  And, unfortunately, our lack of preparation shows.

Marriage is on the decline.  More children than ever are growing up in households without mom and dad.  Forty percent of all births are to unwed mothers.  The U.S. leads the Western world in divorce.

And so for all our so-called cultural advances, we deny our children the one thing most determinative of their lifelong success and happiness – a stable home with their two married parents.

Indeed, we worry so much about the physical needs of our children that we often forget the emotional ones.  Are they on target for reaching their milestones? Growing properly? Do they have all their shots?  And when they enter school, we turn our attention to grades and standardized tests.  We listen to doctors and teachers and therapists, but we tune out the most important thing we need to hear – the voice of our own child.

Kids Against Divorce believes that voice is so important that couples should listen to it from the moment children are conceived.  Because no decision parents will ever make is more important than the one to bring another life into the world.  Nor will any decision affect a couple’s marriage and relationship more.

If couples listen clearly to that voice here’s what he or she will say:

Your happiness and success determines mine.  And the most important thing you can do to help ensure that is to provide me with a stable home life with the two of you.  

So Get an Education!  Prepare for your marriage first before jumping into it.  Attend to the problems in your marriage before conceiving me. Read about the devastating effects of divorce now and the benefits of marriage to children.  Ask for advice from your friends and family members who have successfully juggled marriage and children.  Seek premarital and pre-pregnancy counseling and, if you’re religious, talk to your pastor or priest.  And remember to always ask yourself what kind of an example you want to set for me with your marriage so that I’ll have guidance for mine.


All couples can benefit from your stories – your challenges and successes, as well as your failures.  Please consider telling us how you prepared your marriage for the birth of your child.

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